Sunshine Fashions- Summary of Case Study

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Sunshine Fashion Case Study Questions

Q 1. What are the root causes – individual and contextual -- for the employee misbehavior at Sunshine?

Ans 1. Individual misbehaviour in any organisation is not only dependent on an individual’s psychology but is also affected by many variables such as the Organisation structure, Work environment, operating procedures etc. However, the phenomenon of misbehaviour can be better understood in terms of motives and opportunity. Employees commit unethical conduct because of one of the motives of - greed, financial benefit, or other individual motivations and these motives flourish in the absence of effective monitoring mechanisms and effective leadership in the work environment. Sunshine Fashions’
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Hence the whole company may be crippled due to this contagion.

Also at managerial level, counter-productive behaviour of one manager can affect the behaviour of other managers at the same level. People find themselves at a disadvantage, if they are doing their work honestly, and others are getting benefitted by counter-productive behaviour. It is more prevalent when they do not see a proper punishment system in place.

Q 3. How might Sunshine breed greater loyalty and citizenship among their workers?

Ans 3. Sunshine may inculcate greater loyalty and citizenship among their workers by the following:-

(a) Organisational Culture - It is evident from the case that Sunshine lacks an organisational culture to guide the behaviour and attitudes of the employees. If such a culture is emphasised the employees shall have strong psychological attachment to the organisation.

(b) Interpersonal Relationships – Sunshine has no emphasis on harmonious interpersonal relationships. Harmonious interpersonal relationships are the backbone of competent organisations as it not only increases productivity but also increases the employee’s loyalty to the organisation. Sunshine may emphasise teamwork and communication channels to foster harmonious interpersonal relationships.

(c) Involvement of employees in decision making – Sunshine may involve employees in providing inputs for


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