Management Speech

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Management Speech
Slide One – Opening
Good afternoon class, I’m … and I’m joined by … Today we are here to speak to you about the case of The Leadership Challenges of James Riady.

Slide two – What is leading?
Before we get started and start speaking about the case, we’d like to know how you define leading or leadership? Leadership is the process of arousing enthusiasm and directing efforts towards organisational goals.

Slide three – facts of the case
Incase some of you haven’t gone through the case, we are going to give you a full overview of the case.

James Riady, born in 1957, is the son of Mochtar Riady, CEO and founder of the Lippo Group of Indonesia. James Riady is the chairman for the group’s Indonesia operation and deputy
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Also not using a contingency theory could be a problem as there may not be a certain standard of leadership within the organisation and therefore employees may feel uncertain of expectations and standards. Moreover, there is a lack of position power, which can lead to an unclear status and position in the company hierarchy of authority. This increased the potential crisis that you can’t get people to finish the commitment properly.

Slide ten – Traits and ethical behaviour
What do you think are traits of a good leader?
Traits of a successful and highly respected leader are:
Cognitive ability
Business knowledge
Honest and integrity

While being a good leader is important, it is also important for your employees to truly understand the directive you are giving, to feel capable of carrying out this directive, believe that the directive is in the organisation’s best interest and believe that the directive is consistent with personal values.

Slide eleven – James’ traits
What traits do you believe James has?
While he does have drive, self-confidence and business knowledge, and may display others at times, a good balance between all these would prove to make him more successful and respected leader.

Slide twelve – recommendation
We recommend that the use of the Hersey-Blanchard theory as it would portray James Riady in


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