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Minecraft is a game where the player uses their imagination to shape the world around them using the resources they find. In the world everything is shaped like a block or a cube, this includes the trees, the dirt, the water, the clouds, even the sun, everything. This simple game hasn’t even been released yet but has already sold over one million copies. Minecraft was created by one man, Markus “Notch” Persson, and this is his story. What makes the story of Minecraft so unique is that it was created by Notch and only Notch. Notch had a job before Minecraft, working on games for a company. He started to work on Minecraft in his free time but after a giant popularity spike he realized that it could be a hit, so he quit his job and began …show more content…

The most amazing part of Mojang is that they are supposed to be indie, but recently Mojang has signed up with Microsoft to put their game on the Xbox 360. Some people say it means they are “selling out” and when you sell out you lose “indie” as a label for your company. All of these reasons are only a few of the problems that comes with being a big time developer of a famous game. The future of Mojang looks bright, at least to me. Mojang is making enough money to really do whatever they want for years to come. They will continue to go forward even if they do not have success with their new game. Everything is a win/win situation for them. The success of Minecraft even in its current form is amazing but still does not attract everyone it could. The lack of high definition textures, graphics, models, artificial intelligence, and so on, keep a large portion of gamers to turn down even trying the game out. I admit I was one of these people, who could not believe that a game that looks as bad as it does could actually be spectacular. Unless my friend had not sat me down and made me play I would never have touched it. If their new game does not succeed then they can continue with Minecraft, working on expanding the world, always improving it, creating a version that uses real world physics. Exploring realistic textures and effects that bring Minecraft up to today’s inspiration. Say the new game does