Cango Week 1 & 2 Analysis Report

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Team Video Analysis Report
Week 1 and Week 2

DeVry University

Video Notes Week 1

1st Issue:
Liz the CEO of CanGo company has been selected the Business Leader of the Year. However, she is not prepared to discuss how her company accomplished all this success because she doesn’t have a strategic plan in place. She is somewhat nervous about how she will prepare a speech about a plan that she doesn’t have in place.

Liz should think back about the company’s history and their accomplishments in order to help her prepare for the speech. She should also focus on any changes that have been made within the company that would reflect success and achievements. Liz may need to seek help from her
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One person will not be equipped to launch what is to be the company’s foundation for the future. This needs to be a group of people working together to make sure the project is executed properly and planned carefully.
2nd Issue
Nick is faced with trying to implement a new online gaming system but he isn’t prepared nor does he have a plan in place to accomplish this task. Nick seemed to be so preoccupied with other things instead being more willingly to allow Debbie and Gail to assist him. With so much work that has to be done he is going to need help and be able to network with his co-workers and share information so that this task can be accomplished.
Nick needs to become familiar with how to create a strategic plan and the process that is involved with him getting the new online gaming system off to a good start by researching what software, hardware and other programs that he will need for the new system.
3rd Issue:
Warren needs to get his people ready for a 500% increase in business they are expecting. He had a good start in the meeting, however he doesn’t take the time explain what is needed, and/or deadlines. Also, Warren doesn’t provide any assistance, or state what he will do to get the project finish.

Much more solid, detailed and timely planning is needed to assure a good implementation. I would recommend Warren and his team begin with making sure the money is there