Cyp 3.2 Promote Young Person and Child Development

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CYP 3.2 Promote Young Person and Child Development
Be able to assess the development needs of children and young people and prepare a development plan
What are the most relevant factors to be aware of when assessing a child or young person’s development?
All children and young people are different and have different needs. Similarly, a family’s ability to respond to and meet all their needs may also differ. In some circumstances, professional assessment may be required to identify strengths and needs, to ensure that all children, young people and their families receive appropriate support.

Assessment may take place in a wide range of situations and for a variety of purposes, for example:
· A teacher’s assessment of a child’s
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Also includes consideration of: * growing awareness of self, realisation of separateness and differences from others, recognition of personal characteristics and preferences, finding out what they can do; * importance of gaining self-assurance through a close relationship, becoming confident in what they can do, valuing and appreciating their own abilities, feeling self-assured and supported, a positive view of themselves; * knowledge of personal and family history; * access to recognition, acceptance and comfort, ability to contribute to secure relationships, understanding they can be valued by and important to someone, exploring emotional boundaries; * sense of belonging, being able to join in,


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