Individual Rights vs. Public Order Paper”

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Many people do not realize all the advantages that America gives to us. The "bill of rights" is the backbone to what freedom is all about. Having these rights is a blessing to all who embrace this country. But even though society is allotted freedoms society cannot take advantage of them. Boundaries have to be drawn especially when it comes to using our freedoms in public. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of public order is that if the United States did not have order in public then how much disarray would the United States be in today. I truly believe if the United States did not have order there would be so many more problems than before. In addition Public order could be in connection with personal perception of …show more content…

Individuals who are incarcerated still have certain rights that can be exercise even while incarcerated. There are other rights, of course, listed in the Bill of Rights that will be taken away depending on the circumstance. For example, the right to keep or bear arms would probably be taken away from an individual with a firearms violation. Each of our individual rights should be considered one of the greatest achievements we have accomplished in this country. It describes a country where its citizens are protected while still being free to express how they feel accordingly. US citizens carry many individual rights that other people from other countries can only dream of having. The US holds as a positive example and role model for other rising countries and their citizens.
Overall there are many disadvantages of our "individual rights." The freedom of speech and right to bear arms are a couple of rights that are very significant to our country. Having these rights as citizens we know not to abuse what we have been given and to abide by those laws for moral reasons. There are many disadvantages to the bill of rights because it seems to give more respect than it receives. The freedom of speech is the poster child law that makes this country so prefect. Being able to express ones feelings about anything they desire. But the second amendment is where it begins to get tricky. The right to bear arms has been questioned


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