Main Stages of Child Development from Birth to 19 Years

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Main stages of child development from birth to 19 years

1. From birth to 19 years of age, children and young people tend to follow a broad developmental plan. Although children and young people are different, the way they grow and develop is often quite similar. This means we can work out a pattern for development and from this we can pinpoint particular skills or milestones that most children can do at different age ranges. Milestones describe when particular skills are achieved, such as walking, usually achieved by 18 months. These milestones have been draw up by researchers looking at children’s development and working out an average from their recordings. However as children grow older the variations between individuals grow
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They are very alert and turn their heads to see what’s happening. They enjoy playing and show it by squirming and squealing in delight. They can now reach out and grab a toy and move it from one hand to another. They are able to focus on an object and explore it if it seems interesting. Babies also begin to show us that they understand a little of what we are saying and try to communicate with us. They usually enjoy their food and are beginning to try to feed themselves by grabbing a spoon, although this can be quite messy for everyone. Many babies will also be getting their first teeth through, which can be quite painful for them. Babies at this age are also getting stronger, they are pushing themselves up with their hands if they lie on their fronts and can hold this position for a little while. Sometimes they also look as if they are parachuting, as they lift both their hands and feet up in the air as they balance on their fronts. These movements help them get ready for crawling later on. Babies at six months have usually settled in to a routine, having periods in the day when they nap and others when they are eager to play and to be held.

These are things you may expect to observe in a baby at 6 months:-

Physical Development Exploring toys and objects in the mouth as well as with fingers. Sitting up with support. Rolling over


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