The Color Purple

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The Color Purple
BSHS 422
May 7, 2012
Erik Holmgren

The Color Purple
Human service specialists need to be proficient in different cultures. By being aware of how different cultures think and react it allows for the delivery of services to be accurate. Cultural competency is described as. “The understanding of diverse attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, practices, and communication patterns attributable to a variety of factors (such as race, ethnicity, religion, SES, historical and social context, physical or mental ability, age, gender, sexual orientation, or generational and acculturation status” (Cross-Cultural Care, 2012). People who work in the human service field must be able to deliver professional services and be able to work well
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“When these goals are met the person is able to see how strong they are. Although they may be different, they are still someone special and can do and become anything they desire if they work hard at it. It was pleasant how toward the end of the movie Celie became successful and finally found that inner peace. She became successful and truly learned to love herself. | |
Richness of Cultural Diversity
Cultural diversity is “The cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, or an institution” (, 2012). The culture of the individuals in The Color Purple relate to those of the African American community. One such example describes the African American women whose hair was thick, unmanageable, and often braided to help create the image of control or neatness. Those who were able to afford to get their hair done displayed straightened hair that was done by using what is called a straightening comb, heated to an excessive amount that would take away the thickness in texture to make the hair straight and easier to comb. The cultures of many ethnic communities are very rich in that the type of food they eat is specific to their race and also how the members related to one another. In the African American homes, as in The Color Purple, there was a strong sense of family and unity among siblings. For example, the two young sisters that were being separated in a time when they


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