Social, Emotional & Moral Development

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CYP Core 3.1: Understand child and young person development
1.1. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years. Aspects of development should include * Physical * Communication * Intellectual/cognitive * Social, emotional and behavioural * Moral
Social and emotional development is the development of the child’s identity and self-image, relationships and feeling about themselves and learning to live with others in both the family and society which is one of the most important parts of development.
Socialisation can vary in different societies and from family to family. There are two types of
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He would be happy when he saw his cousins but would engage in parallel play and was reluctant to share his toys and would show concern when they cried. He would separate from mum for short periods and did not like change of routine like he would not sleep at my place but would want to go home. He was still egocentric and knew his own identity and was becoming emotionally stable but still had mood swings. He was much happier playing with adults or older children and was always happy, laughing, smiling, squealing and shouting with excitement.
3 years
At our pre-school I noticed that most of the children were stable and emotionally secure and that there was greater social awareness and less temper tantrum because some children could express their feelings verbally and some children with special needs could also express themselves using sign language or their facial expression. Separating from carer for some children is still an issue but most of them are less anxious as they know that mum will pick them from school. Some children play alongside others and some play in twos or threes, sharing ideas and also sometimes say he/she is my friend and are also friendly and kind to other children. There is a lot of pretend play among them and also know that they are a boy or girl and lots of mixed play of the sexes. They are beginning


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