Low Healthy Life Expectancy

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What are the main factors contributing to low healthy life expectancy in the developed world? Investigate possible solutions to these problems.
Low healthy life expectancy is the imprecise number of years an individual or group of persons in a country is expected to live, staying healthy and free from disabilities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines healthy life expectancy as the “average number of years that a person is expected to live in full health, subtracting full health due to diseases and injury”. Low healthy life expectancy in the developed world is caused by several factors such as, life styles, climate, diet and the environment. These are problems because they reduce healthy life expectancy, and to solve this problem,
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The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that “there is growing evidence that changes in the global climate will have profound effects on the health and well being of citizens in countries through the world”. Developed countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada are known to have cold climates. This weather condition exposes them to cardiovascular diseases like asthma and pneumonia. Constant exposure to this weather reduces healthy life expectancy. Costello et al (2009) recommends that policies must be adopted to reduce the amount of carbon emission in the environment and to increase carbon bio sequestration, and thereby slowing down global warming and eventually stabilizing temperatures. The awareness, scientific and technology in developing countries should be strengthened for a successful growth in the healthy life expectancy.

Another point worth noting is the dietary habit of individuals in the developed world. People have a propensity to consume food which does not contain all the necessary food nutrients in the right proportion. Examples of these foods are French pies, cakes, and juices which are generally called fast food. Taking in a well balanced diet that contains all the necessary requirements decreases the chances of sustaining severe diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, bone fracture and obesity. Kaplan (2010) tells us that “three regular meals a day


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