Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics:
1) Bioterrorism/Disaster
2) Environmental Issues
3) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion
4) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population
Planning Before Teaching:
Name and Credentials of Teacher:

Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: Time Allotted: 30 minutes
Location of Teaching: St. George’s
Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed: Projector, Computer, Screen, Powerpoint Presentation
Estimated Cost: For this particular presentation, materials such as projector, screen, and necessary wiring were provided by church
Computer – already in personal possession
Cost: $0
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(Cognitive Domain)
(be specific)
Example – The Food Pyramid has five food groups which are….
Healthy foods from each group are….
Unhealthy foods containing a lot of sugar or fat are….
(label and describe)
Example – Interactive poster presentation of the Food Pyramid. After an explanation of the poster and each food category, allow students to place pictures of foods on the correct spot on the pyramid. Also, have the class analyze what a child had for lunch by putting names of foods on the poster and discussing what food group still needs to be eaten throughout day.
1. By the end of the presentation, the audience will have a general idea of what primary prevention means to them in terms of general well-being and prevention of type II diabetes.
1. a. Description of primary prevention and its involvement of non-clinical life choices
b. Geared toward prevention of disease
1. Give examples as to how primary prevention would affect diet, daily lifestyle, way in which audience would go about occupying time when not working
2.The audience will have background knowledge of type II diabetes and its main implications, as well as indicating symptoms of the disease.

2. a. General overview of type II diabetes (insulin resistance)
b. Glucose build up in the blood/damage to the body
c. Symptoms associated to type II
d. Macrovascular and microvascular complications


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