Long Waits in the Emergency Room

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Critique Qualitative Research Article
University of Detroit Mercy/McAuley School of Nursing
HLH 550: Research Methods

Critique Qualitative Research Article

Detailed questions

A. How does the researcher identify the study approach? What is it?

The researchers identifies the study approach by using gender to explore


1. Are language and concepts consistent with the approach? How? The language and concepts are consistent with the approach. They are consistent, because it dealt with interviews of the participants expressions of depression. 2. Are data collection and analysis techniques appropriate? How? Data collection techniques are questionable, because some of the
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1. Are results plausible and believable? In what ways? The results are plausible and believable, in the way that the study was efficiently done and the reader has been a victim of misdiagnosing. 2. Is the reader imaginatively drawn into the experience? By what means? The reader was imaginatively and in reality drawn into the experience by their actual medical experiences.
Summary Questions A. What were the results of the study? The results of the study were that there were similarities between men and women related to their experiences of depressions, but the outward expression differed by gender and socioeconomic status. The phenomenon was clearly identified and it was high demands related to their depression. The research approach fit the study’s purpose by in-depth interviews with open ended questions, themes of Malterud’s five key questions. The conclusions were consistent with reported findings of other studies an example of this is the Willadsen study. (Danielsson, 2005). B. Are the results valid? The results are valid. The study participants were chosen if they were diagnosed and treated for depression (according to the ICD-10 criteria) for at least six months. The accuracy and completeness of the data were


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