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Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary Hero that had a big affect on winning the war. He had boosted many of the soldiers moral during the war with his successful raids. Moral could be considered a reason for the Americans winning the war because it kept them going through there up and downs. To begin my essay, I’ll start it with a brief summary on Arnold, so the reader will understand who he really was. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14,1741 in Norwich, Connecticut. His ancestors William Arnold and his family who left England because of religious persecution were the first Arnold's in New England. Arnold's family background was well respected and was know to have some wealth.

Arnold received his education at Canterbury.
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. . the first condition to be fulfilled is to
Have a reputation of unsullied honor and probity.” Arnold was hoping to gain much of his respect through his membership in this group but was highly disrespected. Arnold being the confident men he is, just ignored it and attended the meetings. His own people simply constantly neglected Arnold.

Arnold was asked to capture Fort Ticonderoga, so he did what he was told. He had captured the Fort without a fight, but only making the British there to surrender. He was given little to no credit for this amazing accomplishment that he led. Allen, a General as well, wrote to congress that he captured the fort without Arnold mentioned much. Allen in his letter as well mentioned other soldiers that didn’t do anything over Arnold. After the capture, Allen and his men taking their chance during the situation by looting and partying. Arnold trying to tell congress the true story was denied. Now Arnold began getting mistreated by congress for all his achievements.

As he was then assigned to attack Canada, he did but unsuccessfully. He was wounded but rewarded greatly for his attempt and courage. Arnolds respect began to change. Major General Horatio Gate gave him control of Crown Point. As commander of the new fort, he had to defend Lake Champlain. He defended it greatly with a small fleet and army but was unsuccessfully able to keep it. His brilliancy came into play when he retreated perfectly


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