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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Quiz 2, Grunig Match the letter of the answers on the right to the questions on the left. Each answer can be used more than once. Questions AnswersWhich type of research design is appropriate for the following example A company wants to discover if changing from mail advertisements to TV advertising will increase sales at its furniture stores. ____Symmetrical relationship Longitudinal Exploratory Convergent interviewing Cross-sectional study Projective technique Causal Critical incident Descriptive Quota matrix Trend stationary Reactivity response Within-groups Which type of research design is appropriate for the following …show more content…

The other half of the class was instructed to watch 5 hours of television each day. Afterwards, the average grades for each half of a class were compared with each other. In a second research study, all the students of a class gave their responses to a set of questions that asked about their television viewing habits and also about their grades in the class. Which of the following statements is true A) The first research study was an observational study, while the second was a controlled experiment. B) The first research study was an experiment without a control group, while the second study was an observational study. C) Both research studies were controlled experiments. D) Both research studies were observational studies. E) Each research study was part controlled experiment and part observational study. ____ A consultant planning a survey of elementary school principals in a particular state has lists of the elementary school principals employed in each of the 95 school districts. The procedure will be to obtain a random sample of elementary school principals from each of the districts rather than grouping all the lists together and obtaining a sample from the entire group. Which of the following statements is true A) This is a simple random sample achieved in an easier and less expensive manner than procedures involving sampling from the whole population of principals. B) This is a cluster sample in which


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