Lateral Thinking

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1. Introduction
As human beings, people have different ways of thinking. The way they think will influence their decisions. Nowadays, some people try to improve their potential to think uniquely. This type of thinking can be called Lateral thinking. This concept is very useful for people who are working in business organisation especially when they make a decision. This report will illustrate more about lateral thinking, the method to improve lateral thinking, and how to use this concept in corporate world.

2. Lateral Thinking There are three basics ways of thinking, which are logical thinking, common sense, and puzzles & science. Logical thinking is where people do not over look to the reason why they consider thing as correct.
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However, in order to make this method effective people should give special attempt and high commitment to learn the method. (de Bono 1992)
“The creative pause is an interruption in the smooth flow of routine in order to pay deliberate attention at some point.” (De Bono 1992, p. 86) When using this method, people will focus to some objects or problems and many questions will come into their minds which respond intention the situation that occur. For example, “Why we eat in the restaurant?”, “Why we do not eat at home?”, “How about if we do not eat anything tonight”. (de Bono 1992, p.86)
Motivation plays an important role in learning the method, when people have the right motivation it will give them benefits, and that is being able to think creatively. In addition, hope also gives a significant impact since there is a new possibility for a solution. (de Bono 1992, p.87)
As mentioned above, this method is the easiest way to learn lateral thinking; therefore it does not require any special system. De Bono (1992, p.88) stated, “the main point of the pause is to give attention to something and to place that point in your mind as being worthy of attention.” To think creatively, people should think slowly in order to concentrate on particular point. For example, when drawing it is important to take time in order to get a good inspiration to be applied on the painting.


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