Rationale of Scheme of Work

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Rationale of Scheme of Work
The Hammond is a full time vocational training centre and offer courses in Musical Theatre (MT) or Dance (D). Both courses require ballet training, 5 times (D course) or 4 times (MT course) a week. The ballet training is split into 3 groups(A,B and C) depending on different levels of ballet. The students are assessed to determine which group they go into in their two week induction course at the beginning of term. This scheme of work has been designed for level C group in ballet. Before starting in September some students that have been assessed into group C have had a little amount of prior ballet training and others none at all. Likewise, some students had done some kind of dance training and again some
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However this could be perceived as being an unwise option as the student would be cooling down while writing and this could potentially lead to them injuring themselves if they do not keep the muscles warm. This is crucial for dancers to keep active. The reflective written work would have to be incorporated into the end of the session for this to be done safely. This also applies to the vocabulary taught in the SOW.
“The sorcery and charm of imagination, and the power it gives to the individual to transform his world into a new world of order and delight, makes it one of the most treasured of all human capacities.”
Frank Barron Researching steps from the SOW from the internet can show how they can be delivered at a high standard and also on the flip side how they can go wrong. The internet can be very valuable for the scheme of work as it will hopefully keep the student inspired alongside the teaching. You tube or other dance colleges or companies can be researched to help expand the students resource knowledge. Sharing their research will help re enforce their own learning and comprehension.
Teach back is about the students to feeding back to each other and the teacher what they have learned this can be after the peer assessment has happened after an exercise. According to pask it one of the most effective way of learning.
The SOW fits into the colleges overall curriculum by developing the knowledge of the student ready for year 2.


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