Engm 244 Final Paper

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Matthew Thompson
Final Paper
ENGM 244 Section 4

As the new CEO of HoloSolar Industries I am excited to help the firm realize its full potential as a profitable and fast-growing company. I have studied the inner workings of the company, and I plan to give the board unbiased, honest recommendations based on my findings. Hopefully the implementation of my proposals will help rectify the current state of affairs at HoloSolar Industries and restore its success, as filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not an advisable option. I would like to now provide a better understanding of where these recommendations come from. Results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) place me in the ISTJ category. This type of person is typically
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Communication is a two-way process – receptiveness to upper management could be improved if managers, as Covey states, “show genuine interest in other people.” Taking a little time to really get to know the people on your team has huge pay offs. Everybody wants to be accepted and appreciated. When you take time to learn a little about them it shows you care about them as people, not just disposable resources. People will work harder and go the extra mile for somebody who cares about them. A simple exercise for achieving this goal is to stress the importance of remembering people’s names and addressing subordinates accordingly. Carnegie claims that “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” (Carnegie 112). By spelling or pronouncing another person’s name correctly, it will automatically set the tone for the conversation and show the person that you respect them. Another practice that upper management should implement is beginning a conversation with “praise and honest appreciation” (Carnegie 210). One should always start a conversation with their subordinates in a positive light rather than jumping right into the negatives of their performance. Telling subordinates what they did right before criticizing them will keep them encouraged and more open to future constructive criticism. A final communication tool that Rhonda should delve into is the power of smiling.