Laboratory Techniques and Measurements

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Lab #3
January 30, 2012

1. Title: Laboratory Techniques and Measurements

2. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to learn laboratory techniques and to how to measure precisely. During this lab I will learn how to measure length, temperatures, volume, density, and mass using laboratory equipment. I will be using laboratory equipment to prepare dilutions and calculate them while using an algebraic formula.

3. Procedure: In order to perform this lab I needed the following materials: a metric ruler, table salt, small number of ice cubes, piece of string, flame source, rubbing alcohol, tap water, distilled water, paper, colored liquid drink, 100mL glass beaker, burner-fuel, burner-stand, 25 mL cylinder, 25mL volumetric
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6. Calculations (where applicable): My calculations that I conducted in this lab are detailed under my observation charts. I used the formula of M/V=D in order to find an objects density. I measured the density of water, rubbing alcohol, and a saturated salt solution. I measured the densities of irregular objects be finding the objects volume and mass and dividing the mass by the volume. This mathematics is detailed in my data/observation charts. (See data table 5 and 6)

7. Results: The results for this lab are detailed in my observation charts. I measured different objects lengths, temperatures, volumes, mass, and densities. I measure three different lengths in centimeters and millimeters. I measured the temperatures of hot water, boiling water, cold water, and iced water. I found the results of both of these extremely accurate. I measured the volume of a test tube, the number of drops in 1mL, and the volume of a pipet. I also found the density of water, rubbing alcohol, salt and a couple of irregular objects including a bolt and a magnet. When finding the density of the irregular objects I followed numerous methods, including the water displacement method, Archimedes’ method, and math calculation method. I was very careful throughout the lab in order to be accurate. My husband double checked my work and took photos of me doing the experiment.

8. Conclusions: This experiment was concerning the


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