Robotics Essay

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Introduction 3
Space exploration Robots 4
Mars Curiosity Rover 4
Beagal 2 5
Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 5
Medical Robots 6
Miniature nanobots capsules 6
Da Vinci 7
Autonomous/ self-balancing Robots 8
BallBot 8 nBot 9
Artificial Intelligence 10
Sensors for Navigation and Obstacle detection 10
Important of artificial intelligence in robots 10
Motors in Robotics 10
Weight, Power-to-Weight Ratio 10
Reduction gear 11
Bibliography 11


Robotics is a fundamental study of robots (NASA, WHAT IS ROBOTICS), and robots are type of machines that perform tasks usually without any human intervention. These types of robots are known as ‘Autonomous Robots’. The subject; Robotics is being widely used in many big
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Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

Voyager 1 is the world’s farthest spacecraft and is one of the two probes that was launched officially in 1977 and was sent out to explore the planets in our solar system. “Voyager 1 is about to become the first manmade object to travel into interstellar space” (spacecraft, 2007). Voyager 2 was another space probe that was launched by the NASA in 2007 and it was launched before Voyager 2. Voyager 2 was also sent out to study the outer solar system (Wikipedia, Voyager2 , 2012). This twin Voyager were both launched in 2007 but in different months, and NASA sent these spacecraft with an objective to explore two planets in the solar system: Jupiter and Saturn. After completing the first objective, Voyager 2 continued its mission by exploring planets and became the first spacecraft to explore the planets: Uranus and Neptune. However Voyager 1 continued on a path toward interstellar space. The twin Voyagers have been largely involved in an interstellar mission since 1990. This mission involves the process of characterising the far outer heliosphere, the distant solar wind, and the interaction between the two. This is an interesting mission carried by the space explorer; Voyagers, as this mission will enable us to explore the most distant reaches of our heliosphere and to take the first tentative steps in the transition regions between space


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