Tqm of Jakel Silk House Company

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Part A
1.0 Introduction of the organization: Jakel Silk House
Jakel Silk House was established with the belief that are the catalysts to bring fashion in Malaysia from a medium to higher level with the support of the distinguished partners and clients. The firms are working together with the fashion industry to user in a new era of fashion, from a company of Malaysians for Malaysians. The focus of Jakel Silk House is to put one of Bumiputra on the Malaysian stage of fashion fabrics. The company realizes that it is a daunting task. However, the company believes that in this endeavor comes opportunity.
Mission or objective is very important to each business firm and the firm must have clear mission so that they can make good planning to
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a reward system

Part C
3.0 Why/where (division/department/location) and how the issue topic/ method/ practice is implemented/applied in the organization
3.1 Marketing Department
Jakel Silk House implementing the Total Quality Management especially in their Marketing Department. This is because that marketing department is the one who were concerned or deal with defining the needs of the effectiveness and customers the most. Therefore every aspect of marketing function needs to be completed with quality. Quality control at the production stages is as much the common concern of all divisions as it is the individual responsibility of the technology, production technology, purchasing, manufacturing, inspection, ditribution, customer service and the other divisions. The discussion here is focused on process analysis, process control, quality assurance, process improvement and quality control in purchasing, all of which are essential to mantaining and improving quality.
Jakel Silk House apply TQM to create constancy of purpose toward improvement of the product and service so as to become competitive, stay in business and provide jobs. Jakel also adopt the new philosophy. Because Jakel Silk House are in a new economic age. It’s