Procedures in the Physical Science

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Laboratory Research Report 1: Procedures in the Physical Sciences

Hebert Duran
Strayer University
SCI 110, Kung Craig P.
29 April 2013

Identify three (3) specific challenges to making direct measurements in the fields of astronomy, chemistry, physics, or earth science. Describe how scientists have utilized indirect forms of measure to overcome these challenges

Since the ancient times people have always been attracted to the unknown. Humans have always been curious about everything they have come across; How big is our earth?, how deep is the sea? Are there any other lands past the horizon?, and how big is our universe?. These types of questions have always led humans to forcefully exercise their minds into figuring them out.
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Discuss how protective gear or equipment might be used to mitigate the hazard, as well as its efficacy.

In the world of physical science, hazards are everywhere. Especially since science is a hands on learning type of environment, we must test everything we read and read about everything we test. In the world of chemistry you mainly learn by being in the lab and seeing everything happening in front of you. Some of the hazards that can happen in this environment are exposure to fire, explosion, chemicals burns, inhalation of fumes, or being exposed to bright lights that might hurt your eyes. Protective gear as a whole can be extremely efficient when coming to deal with these hazards. The use of gloves to prevent chemical burns, protective mask to avoid inhalation of fumes, eye protective wear to avoid any chemicals splash in your eyes, wearing a lap coat while conducting lab test will protect the rest of your body from all the same hazards as well.

Describe the ways in which advancements in the physical sciences might impact the safety of the global community. Assess any special considerations for regulating this research

I my personal opinion, I think that the advancement in the studies of earth science can have the most impact on the safety of the global community. Earth science teaches us about our planet as a whole, not about our country alone but the whole world. It teaches us about the past, present and the


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