Kfc Marketing Plan

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1.0 Executive summary The accurate reading of consumers preferences of KFC revealed that healthy eating, animal welfare and ethics are three of the most consumer’ desires KFC are facing today. The issue of animal welfare has intrigued KFC as the People for Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2008 claimed KFC suppliers exercised unethical treatment for the chickens in their farms. This group believed that KFC suppliers should improve the living conditions of the chicken and address ethical issues in raising them in the farm are needed (KFC Menu, 2010). In other areas, health reforms are being pushed by health organizations to encourage healthy living that advised people to avoid fats and to eat only healthy foods. As these issues are …show more content…

The primary difference between these two segments is the likelihood of willingness of organic minded customers to pay more for the sake of health and eating tastier chicken meat.
2.2. Target market segment strategy Our market segment strategy will be to develop two sets of same menu offered by KFC but one will be using organic chicken as basic ingredients. Upon launching our first set of menu, we will get in touch with our customers via numerous on-line methods, including social media and e-mail marketing as well as the use of regular media. Upon creating these menus, we will be able to market these by promotions and discount offerings to wholesale customers holding events and parties, to the loyal customers of KFC and health conscious customers who will patronize KFC for the first time.
Distribution channel The new menu set up will be offered in all branches of KFC worldwide for consistency of approach as needed in a chain store and thru the on line ordering system of KFC.
Competitive Forces There are many fast food restaurants offering chicken recipes but very few are considering the organic-chicken approach in serving their food. The unique twist on this approach is also an advantage because the company will not be spending much time and energy on other resources except for the organic chicken and that efforts will only be concentrated on its development.
The days when a company could count on creating demand simply by


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