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30050 Applications for Economics Management and Finance

Applied research project and report

“Man is by nature a Political Animal”



III. DATA DESCRIPTION: Dependent variable and Independent variables
IV. MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS: Factor, Regression and ANOVA Analysis


The purpose of this project is to analyze what stimulates individual’s “Interest in politics”. Indeed politics, either directly or indirectly, shapes community’s every day life. It is of capital importance as it affects individual’s welfare and well-being. After gathering the required data from
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Factor Trust – Trust in Institutions is our first independent variable, it is measured by four indicator variables: “Trust in Parliament” [trstprl], “Trust in Politicians” [trstplt], “Trust in Legal system”[trstlgl], “Trust in Police” [trstpol]. These are categorical ordinal variables; belonging to an ordered category. The measurement method used is an anchored scale running from 0 (no trust at all) to 10 (complete trust). We associate a low level of trust in Institutions, to an increase in interest in politics. The lost confidence may push people to become more interested in politics as they realize that the bodies that should grant wealth and safety are not behaving accordingly.
Factor Income – Income implications due to economic recession is our second independent variable and it incudes 3 indicators: “To what extent had to manage on lower household income in the last 3 years” [mlohinc], “To what extent had to draw on savings/debt to cover ordinary living expenses in the last 3 years” [dsdclve], “To what extent had to cut back on household or household equipment in the last 3 years” [cuthheq]. These are categorical ordinal variables; belonging to an ordered category. The measurement level is an anchored scale that goes from 0 (not at all affected) to 6 (a great deal affected). We wanted to test our assumption that a stronger impact on income yields an increase in political participation, as individuals become more responsive to


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