Mcdonald's Case Analysis

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McDonald's Corporation
Comprehensive Case Analysis
About everyone at some age, at some point or another, and in some country has gotten a sample of American's symbol for fast food through the golden arches of McDonald's. This report will attempt to analyze the external and internal sectors that affect the company's success. The external analysis will provide opportunities and threats while the internal analysis will show indicators of strength and weakness. It will then follow up with critical issues, strategic alternatives, recommendations and implementation. The case studied is found in Appendix 2 of Mary Coulter's "Strategic Management in Action" book.
External Analysis With the numerous fast-food chains found
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And while catering to customers specific wants, service time had been reduced as well. Slow service is a great burden to customers as they expect faster service from a fast food restaurant. Factors like this can cause customers to avoid McDonald's when in search of a quick bite. Its old salads were also an afterthought in that they would be placed in little refrigerators on the counter. They were plain and consisted of simply "unappetizing lettuce." Customers also complained of warm or even cold food sometimes. I remember an instance where I ordered two breakfast burritos and both were cold on the inside. Because of that one experience, I had never vowed to ever purchase one again. The other critical issue was the changing sociocultural movement of Americans towards healthier eating habits. A documentary called "Super Size Me" criticized the McDonald's Corporation of how unhealthy its offerings were. In this movie, a young man consumed only McDonald's food for a month and was shown to have developed critical health conditions when examined by doctors and nutritionists at the end of that one month. R&D efforts led by the new CEO "beefed up" salads with a blend of iceberg lettuce in addition to more nutritional greens and premium chicken, lead to part of the company's recent success by gaining customers such as women who would not eat McDonald's food before. The domino effect through


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