Key Elements of Web Design

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There are many aspects to consider when designing a website, but there are five broad goals that should be followed at all costs. First and foremost, the designer needs to focus on the target audience for the website and always consider their point of view. Secondly, the designer should follow the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and run the web site’s URLs through their complimentary evaluation tools to ensure the highest level of accessibility. Also, the content and structure of a website must be carefully constructed for ease of use and present concise information. To make a good impression the website needs to be aesthetically pleasing without overdoing graphics or special effects. And
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W3C recommendations can help with suggested fonts and colors. In partnership with content organization, the web page aesthetics contributes largely to the users’ first impression.


A commonly made mistake by designers is to create a web site and forget about it after it is finished. Users will not return to a web page if it is never updated, refreshed and improved. Also, it’s important to continually check for typos, misspellings or mistakes since these types of errors can damage the users’ impression of the site owner and their professionalism. Future planning for the site is also vital since web site needs change with the growth and development of the organization or person the site represents. New technologies should be researched and examined so the web page stays at the top of the cutting edge on the World Wide Web.


It’s difficult to briefly summarize all the important steps of creating a successful web site, but following the five major points mentioned here is an excellent start. The web is a continually growing and ever-changing media that involves creative, logical, critical and experimental thinking. A web designer is an artist, a copy editor, a programmer and a publicist. All these roles and aspects working together are crucial in the implementation and maintenance of a successful web site.

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