Week3 Individual Assignment

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Week 3 individual Assignment
Comparing and Contrasting Architectural Styles

Service-Oriented Architecture
Software Architecture is how a system is structured, it is a collection of all the elements that are what make the system, there are several different styles which can be used to create a Program or
Programs. Software Architecture styles will describe the classes of the architecture being used, these classes of course can be used repeatedly, there are known practices that allow the reuse ( Clements, Kazman & Klein “Evaluating Software Architecture”, 2002).
With so many different Software Architectural Styles out there, there are three that are most commonly used in a
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Object – Oriented Architecture
Object – Oriented Architecture is a design based on the division of responsibilities for an application or system into individual reusable and self-sufficient object, each containing the data and the behavior relevant to the object (msdn.microsoft.com 2006). With Object – Oriented
Architecture communication is done through interfaces, what this means is that it calls out the methods and or will access the properties of other objects through sending and receiving messages, Object – Oriented Architectural style has several principles that are key;
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With Object- Oriented Architecture things are extremely easier to understand, it somewhat relates to real world objects. Because of Polymorphism and Abstraction, Object –Oriented
Architecture is reusable and with encapsulation the testing is more improved. Object –
Oriented Architecture style is highly cohesive because it is able locate


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