Starting a Business Online

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Assignment One
BUS 107
April 19, 2012

1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of taking your small business online by performing a SWOT analysis 2-4 items in each category. The online business I am going to start is Earl’s Flowers Togo. We sell flowers arrangements and candies online and we have a brick and mortar store. One of our strengths is that we sell affordable high quality flower arrangements with name brand candy. We have a website that is very internet friendly and you are able to click and drag your flowers to build your own flower arrangement with a price quote. Another one of our strengths is that we have 2 to 4 hour delivery from the time your place your order. Our weakness in the company is that
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Ignorance of law is not a sustainable defense.
4. The law enforcement agencies have difficulty combating many types of online crimes.

Describe 2 online crimes prevalent in e-Commerce and what you would do to prevent these

crimes. A) Trademark Infringement, I would invest and have my Trademark registered and

retain a Law Firm to protect and sue anybody that uses it without my permission. B) stealing

passwords, you should have a safe password which should contain 6 to 8 characters both

lower case and upper case letters at least one numerical character, at least one !#$%^& and

change your password every three months. (Maryland) Computer fraud can be described as a

subset of computer crime. Computer fraud uses electronic resources to present fraudulent or

misrepresented information as a means of deception. According to the Department of Justice,

the fraudulent activities currently taking place that use electronic resources are largely an

extension of traditional existing fraud activities exploiting a new medium (National White

Collar Crime Center, 2002). The Bureau of Justice Statistics outlines fraud as “...the

intentional misrepresentation of information or identity to deceive others…” and adds the

qualifier of “use of electronic means” to delineate computer fraud (Rantala, 2004). Similarly,

the Department of Justice defines Internet fraud as fraud


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