Just in Time Learning

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Much of the educational materials we receive in our institutions are to prepare us for the future. Many students ask about whether what they are learning will come in handy or when will they use it and teachers reply that just learn it and you can apply it just-in-case when you need it.
But when you learn something when it is actually needed and not before time it is known as Just-in-Time learning (JIT). It does not defer the implication of knowledge instead it relies on self implication while learning. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Just-in-Time learning.
• When we learn before time we may loss the information and skill when it will actually be needed and a refresher course is
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Database management systems (DBMSs) are specially designed applications that interact with the user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze data.
The head first Head First SQL showed the fundamentals of SQL and how to really take advantage of it. They start with a journey through the language, from basic INSERT statements and SELECT queries to hardcore database manipulation with indices, joins, and transactions. The whole process was fun and very helpful in learning.

During one of job interviews in a company few questions asked which first seemed to be tricky but later turned into unfair ones and off limit questions. Discriminatory employment questions were asked which also non-job-related questions were. Few of them are narrated below • How long are you willing to fail at this job before you succeed? • What skills are you lacking? • Personal questions regarding spouse and kids and other relations. • If you won the lottery, would you still work?

Why are the manholes in the street round?

Upon finding the aforementioned questions a feeling came that the job vacancy might already be filled and the interview is for formality purposes only. The interviewer’s non serious attitude affected adversely as the need of job was dire. I felt very bad about the behavior I was showed. This led to bad image of organization and without internal controls. It seemed that balance and check was missing in the organization. The


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