Business Requirements Report

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Bazaar Arts Ceramics
Technical Requirements Report

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Ian Saunders

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Executive Summary

This purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the business and user requirements for the Bazaar Ceramics website.

Bazaar Ceramics has been operating for 20 years and have grown to a point where they need to reach a wider audience in both a sales aspect and an advertising one.

The website will provide an avenue for exposure to the international world for advertising purposes and also allow for the sale of items over the internet through an online store.

Advertising costs have risen in recent times and is becoming an expensive way to promote their products, the website will
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|Standard products should be displayed with a "low stock" banner when stock gets below a predetermined level |
|Provide a listing of prestige customers who have purchased our products |
|Standard products should be displayed with a "order now" banner when stock is sold out |
|When a "one-off" product has been sold, the next visitor will be redirected to the special orders page if they want that |
|product |
|Search facility for products |
|Search facility for Documents |
|Provide a hit counter |
|Account customer (reseller) pricing should be made available to account customers - this should not be visible to the |
|general public |
|Includes the ability for visitors to vote on products even if they don’t want to buy the product right now |
|The system must accept multiple payment methods (credit


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