Customized Learning Theory Paper

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Whitney Vick

April 26, 2012

Liberty University

Customized Learning Theory Many educators operate their classrooms using a “learning theory” that they feel optimizes the best learning environment for their students. As an educator it is very important to create your own customized learning theory to use in your classroom. A customized learning theory is developed to create an optimum learning environment for students. Educators have to research and put into practice the ideas that they feel may work best in their classroom. In this paper, I will be discussing my own customized learning theory incorporating theoretical perspectives that I believe make an ideal learning environment.
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Intentionality means doing things for a reason, on purpose.” Intentional teachers always plan with a goal in mind and a way to accomplish that goal for every child. These teachers use a wide variety of methods, experiences, and materials to be sure that all students are achieving. They also self reflect and evaluate their teaching effectiveness, which in return gives them a feeling of efficacy. Teacher efficacy is defined by Slavin (2012) as, “the belief that what he or she does makes a difference.” Teachers who believe that their students' success is due to them put more effort into making sure that every student succeeds. Just as intentional teachers have a purpose, Jesus also had a purpose. John 6:38 states, “For I have come down from heaven not to do my own will and purpose but to do the will and purpose of him who sent me.” Jesus's purpose was to come save us from our sins. Teacher's should use Jesus and God as a role model to be intentional teachers who serve one main purpose, just as Jesus did for us. An effective teacher not only has to be purposeful, but needs to know the subject matter being taught and have mastery teaching skills. If you are trying to teach a child, some may say you need to know more than the child. While this may be true, an effective teacher has to have vast knowledge about the content being taught and be able to communicate that knowledge to the student. In any classroom, an effective teacher should be able to take the


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