Should the Internet Replace the Book As the Chief Tool of Learning?

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At present, the Internet and other technology are well-developed and keep improving. People use those new tools to do everything, and try hard to make human life easier and more perfect. From business to finances; industry to entertainment; services to education, the use of the Internet has increased and become more mainstream. Some people believe that the Internet and other electronic technology can replace all kind of jobs that humans do, including teaching students with screens and keyboards instead of books. They emphasize that the Internet can help people interact to each other beyond the barrier of distance, so books are somehow not necessary in human lives. However, in my opinion, this idea cannot be more ridiculous. Books are …show more content…

However, these technologies cannot totally substitute face-to-face interaction since human technology has not been developed completely and perfectly. Network video technology probably can roughly imitate face-to-face interaction, but cannot support physical communication and focus people’s attention well. If teachers teach students only through online classes, they will not be able to look after all students in all aspects anymore, including students’ attendance performance and learning circumstances. Also, students will lose chances to practice social skills because they are learning at home all the time. According to Steven Johnson, in the article “Everything bad is good for you,” the Internet and other technology have brought irreversible changes to the world, which is believed that these technologies will change the way people read, learn and live in the future years; yet, it is not the time now. “Television and automobile society locked people up in their living rooms, away from the clash and vitality of public space. . . . After a half-century of technological isolation, we’re finally learning new ways to connect. . . .” wrote Johnson (2005, ¶ 4). Although the Internet will probably be the next powerful tool that be wildly used in education, there are still too many uncertainty and controversy to say it. As a conclusion, the Internet should not replace the book as the main material of learning because using the Internet for learning


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