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Apple iPhone

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Changes and Implications 4 Technology’s Rapid Development 4 Applications’ Rising Importance 6 Economical Situation 7 Smartphones as Substitutes 10 Smartphones as a “Trend” 12 Conclusion and Future Outlook 13 Bibliography 14 Appendix 16


As we step into a new decade, we are experiencing tremendous changes in the technological environment with constantly emerging advancements. Innovations are appearing everyday in a turbulent market flooded with big players and more new entrants everyday. Mobile phones have become an essential part of a person’s image and social identity.
Consumers everywhere have developed a whole new meaning for Smartphones, shifting
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The Internet changed the world and revolutionized the developed and developing countries. Internet is a vital factor in consumers’ demand shifting towards Smartphones because it provides immediacy and variety through access to web browsing, e-mail, and applications anytime anywhere. In addition, there is current shift from 2G networks to 3G and in the future from 3G to 4G, this is expected to change the way people use their phones to a way similar to the way they use their computers. Also, this shift allows faster and more reliable use of the Smartphone as well as access to a larger amount of data (The future of 4G, 2010). According to two studies from Finland on Factors Affecting Consumer Choice of Mobile Phones, “Consumer shift from 2G to 3G means that in order to be able to use the services offered by the faster network consumers need to acquire new mobile handsets equipped with Internet access and new features such as possibility to receive and send multimedia messages” (Karjaluoto, Karvonen, Kesti, Koivumäki, Manninen, Pakola, and Salo, 2005). Lastly, personalization of the phone has allowed customers to adjust their phones to their needs. This is a new trend in the technological world and the demand for it is growing everyday. Customization could be done through adding different types of applications to the phone or changing the setting and options of the phones’ menus and


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