Competitive Strategies and Government Policies

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Apple's Competitive Strategies and Government Policies
April 27, 2014
Michael Blakley
Apple's Competitive Strategies and Government Policies
The Apple IPhone Company has created quite a name for itself through the creation and sales of the phone that is leading in innovation, technology, and consumer popularity. With many large cell phone competitor companies, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t, and Sprint, the IPhone has managed to continually create a product and service that continues to beat the competitors in technology and innovation. The smaller cell phone companies such as Cricket, Metro PCS, and Boost Mobile are able to stay in business only because they sell somewhat of a different marketing strategy, which
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It is imperative for any company that wants to maintain a competitive edge in the market to offer better, faster, and newer products. They must also be willing to maintain service to their existing products as well. Management must make changes within their devices as well as the service they provide. For the company to be successful the management team must keep strong relations within the company as well as the consumers of the product as well. The individuals purchasing their devices need to be sure that they are receiving the highest quality product and also want the validation that if there is a problem with their device that Apple will be able to fix the problem. The levels of management, support staff, customer service, sales, and technical support must be able to meet the supply and demand while remaining cost effective. While most of the labor for manufacturing Apple products is outsourced to other countries; this is done because they can produce the product at a cheaper rate then they would be able to if it was manufactured within the U.S. Due to the outsourcing of work being done outside the U.S. there is a need to have a union representation for the labor that is being done in other countries. The company needs to ensure that they create policies, rules, and procedures for the company’s employees both within and outside the U.S. Management team needs to make sure they are protecting their


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