danshui plant no.2

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A part from reading the Danshui Plant No.2 case, we can see that there is no enough information to evaluate the performance of the pant for the first three contracts to assembly Apple iPhone 4.
Analysis of the issue
To get a clear picture a flexible budget was prepared for the month end of August 2010. (Shown in the table below)
From the flexible that is prepared it can seen the performance of Danshui Plant NO.2 is not good enough as what it suppose to be. The budget show that Danshui has unfavorable variance in the assembly the flash memory part, variable tools and supplies, assembly and packing, shipping nad the last one on the supervision.
As for the flash memory it has been stated that Samsung had raised the price by
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Not only, during the training process, can the supervisor or the manger identify the potential and the specialty of the labour on assembly the parts. This will indirectly help the management to place the correct labour at the correct assembly parts in order to fasten up the process, save the time and avoid wastage.
3. Hired skilled supervisor.
The skilled supervisor will have enough experience to guide the labour to be on the track in order to meet the target to produce 200000 unit of Apple iPhone4.
The supervisor will able to response to the problem that arises without waiting for the plant manager.
The skilled supervisor also will know how to motivate the labour to achieve the target.
4. Chen(plant manager) should do a surprise visit
This will make the labour to be alert all the time and do their work with a minimum error and in time.
Chen can get feedback and evaluate performance more accurately as he knows what is really going on.
This surprise visit also can build a relationship between Chen and the labour. It’s also will become a motivation to the labour to work hard as they now the management is concern regarding their needs and welfare.

Training is the best solution to overcome the labour problem and meet up the requirement to produce 200000unit of Apple iPhone 4 per month for upcoming nine months that is left. Other than that,


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