Unethical Issues of Apple Iphone

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Important Note: This sample essay mainly illustrates the structure of your assignment on ethical issues of a company selected by you. You may first identify two or three ethical problems and then discuss how to solve them. Remember including relevant citations to support your evidences and viewpoints.

Ethical issues in iPhone
1. Introduction .
With an elegant combination of a mobile phone, iPod and personal digital assistant (PDA), iPhone was launched at Apple and AT&T stores across the US on June 29, 2007(Place, 2007). iPhone is by no means a prodigious success by selling one million iPhones within 3 months (Wolverton, 2007). However, what coupled with its splendid success are numerous criticisms from the general society. This paper
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Environmental Problems Nowadays, more and more companies are adopting policies of environmental sustainability, which is a management approach that involves developing strategies that both sustain the environment and produce profits for the company (Armstrong, 2008; Kotler, 2008). Apple Inc., as a leading corporation in the field of electronic products, should also initiate the environmental sustainability policies. Regarding the environmental problems involved in iPhone, Apple should respond to this Greenpeace challenge to solve the problem as soon as


possible and in the future Apple should try best to act as a leading giant for a green electronics.

4. Conclusion .
This report investigates two of the major problems concerning the ethicality of marketing activities of iPhone including 1) deceptive advertising practices and 2) environmental problems. It can be concluded that despite the worldwide popularity, iPhone still faces some ethical problems. Suggestions to improve the image of iPhone by enhancing its ethical issues have also been discussed in this paper. They include: 1) avoiding deceptive practices in the future, 2) taking initiatives to minimize the troubles caused, 3) responding to the Greenpeace challenge and 4) maintaining the policies of environmental sustainability. In this way, iPhone could probably both enjoy the success in selling and maintain an ethical image.



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