Describe the Important Internet Properties That Affect Marketing and the Fundamental Changes the Internet Has Brought to Marketing.

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Describe the important Internet properties that affect marketing and the fundamental changes the Internet has brought to marketing.

According to Strauss and Frost (2009), the Internet properties have affected the way marketing should be done and delivered to the consumers. Internet data is sent in bits and not in atoms – all the data and information are being stored and sent to the consumers in digital form. The digital form cannot be touch, tasted or smelled. In contrast to other types of marketing, the seller does not need to deliver the items itself for inspection by the consumer before it is being purchased.
1. Internet is a mediating technology – anywhere in the world, music and other data is being passed on and shared. This
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Intellectual capital rules. Imagination, creativity, and entrepreneurship are more important resources than financial capital. QUESTION No.2:
What concerns about consumer privacy are raised by the increased use of wireless computing and handheld devices outside the home or workplace?
The rapid proliferation of wireless networks outside the home and work place has resulted in increased concern over privacy. In the digital context, privacy refers to two things: the “right to be left alone,” and the right to keep one’s personal information private. With regard to wireless computing, one big concern is text message Spamming. As marketers gain access to cell phone numbers and even cell phone directories, many fear that unscrupulous marketers will overwhelm consumers with voice and text messages. Another concern is that people can intercept wireless transmissions, thus gaining access to personal information sent from PCs and other devices over wireless networks.

Security issues with hard-line Internet connections with “always-on” services like DSL and cable were concern enough already. Now with services that broadcast data throughout the air freely available to everyone, consumers have reason to be even more concerned. The same issues with privacy, credit cards numbers, personal information, etc. apply, except now people can listen in and even jump onto your network with a Pringle’s can for an antennae and a


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