Comparison of Oedipus Rex and a Raisin in the Sun

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An Introduction to Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.
Greek and Roman plays, and even Indeed ancient Indian plays (a common Indo-European Tradition), usually had a pivotal character that “held the play together”. Also there would be a Chorus that would come into play when the tragedy would begin unfolding. The Greco-Roman variants were almost always tragedies.
Be it Homer’s Iliad or Odessey. The hero after long travails always seemed to return to nothing and would come to grief. Achilles, Priam, Agamemnon, Oedipus, all came to grief. In the Greco-Roman tradition, it seems to be a common practice by the Bards and playwrights, to depict their heroes as strong and upright men who fell prey to either their fates or to the whims and fancies of
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He only left to protect them, when he heard from the oracle that he would kill his father and lie with his mother. An Introduction to Araisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry.
A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, a play that debuted in 1959 on Broadway.
The title is based on a poem by Langston Hughes named “A dream deferred”.
The play is all about a socially upwardly mobile black American family, and its struggles.
It was also the first play written by a black woman to feature on Broadway.
The play reflects real life as there indeed was a case (Hansberry v. Lee, 311 U.S. 32 (1940)), where a family fought in court against racially motivated restrictions (seggregation).
The still prevailing tension between African Americans and people of white extraction is portrayed well. And so is the tension between various members of the family of various age groups. We see how priorities are different for people of differing ages and how men and women look at the value of money. As a rule women tend to be thrifty, while men tend to be more prone to risk taking. This comes out well in the play when the women in the house decide to split the money and give half of it to the “Man” of the house, while investing the other half in a decent house. The Risk taking has its consequences (though not always bad), and the “Man” is soon conned into loosing it all.
The play has had very capable actors like Sidney Poitiers (French connection and To sir with love fame).