Interpersonal Effectiveness

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M1A3 Goals Identification and Reality Assessment Worksheet

Use this worksheet to organize your responses to Module 1, Assignment 3. Submit this worksheet in the Module 1: Assignment 3 Dropbox no later than Day 7 of Module 1. Include vocabulary and concepts from your readings to support and illustrate your own insights. In preparation for the papers you’ll write later in this course, take the time to organize your thoughts for each question and write clearly. The completed worksheet should be not more than three pages.

1. Describe a goal for interpersonal improvement in your personal life. Be sure to explain the following:

* What aspects of your own interpersonal communication skills would you like to improve? * How far
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* How far are you from attaining this goal? * Do you think this goal is set too high or too low? Why, or why not? * How long will it take me to attain this goal? * If the goal will take a long time to attain, could you set smaller goals that you could attain while still working toward your bigger goal? * How will you benefit from successfully attaining your goal?

(Your academic goal and explanations go here. Be sure to respond to EACH question above.)

As an online student the area I would like to improve is doing my homework on time. I want ti improve this area because it is kind of nerve racking to always miss my assignment and I don’t want to get a low grade because of some problems that I face with the internet. I was incarcerated for a five year period so I wasn’t really computer savvy and I was shocked to even see touch screen phones because when I left everything was still keyboard and paper applications and homework. So, yes it was a big step for me. I think that the goal I set is a low goal because my goal I set is about changing my mind set and putting the time in to understand and learn the basic computer concepts. As far as the time it would take to learn it is unknown because its different from being in school all day, where as though I would have to many distraction and I had a set time to get things done and when I went home I could relax. In all it’s a struggle just to find time to even sit for an hour or two to do my work


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