Synergistic Decision Making

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Synergistic Decision Making

Tariq Shah

Group and Organizational Dynamics PSY 452 Module Two
Organizational Management
Professor Fabian
April 15, 2015

Synergistic Decision Making

Working with people is not easy at times. Many people rather work independently of others. I believe most of the reason for the individual deciding to work independent of others, is because they do not want to rely on others for their success or failure. If they can do it alone, they feel more in control of the process and thus, do not have to deal with many of the variables that come with working in groups of people. In my journey I have certainly not mastered working with people; however, I do find that working in groups provides the best overall
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To be honest, I was a little irritated, as I felt we were moving rapidly through the process.
This could not have been further from the truth. The fact of the matter was, John’s interruption was timely and caused our group to run more efficiently. His suggestion was to decide on a way to agree on our item selections. As a group, were we going to use a unanimous or majority rules process? He also suggested that we each explain what if any experience we bring to the table as it relates to this simulation. After my initial reaction subsided and I thought of what John brought up, I began to realize how important his suggestions were to our teams overall success. Corrine began to nod her head in agreement and Mike stated “I vote for majority rules.” We quickly decided that a majority rule was the best process. Subsequently, Mike spoke up and explained how making a shelter with the parachutes was vitally important. He backed his point up with facts of his serving in the US Air Force. I began to push back on his argument with rational of my own from my experience as an Infantryman in the US Army. I felt that a makeshift shelter was not a number one priority after water, because we each had a top coat. After a minute of discussion, the group voted and the majority decided the parachute was the next important item. Our problem solving sequence worked. As a team, we


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