Emotions in Interpersonal Communications week 2 385 zinzer

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Emotions in Interpersonal Communications
Manuel Velasco
March 9, 2014 Dr. Zinzer

One of the most important concepts of humanity is Interpersonal communication. Our communication skills vary from one person to the next. There are many ways that we communicate in society with one another. Communication consists of verbal or nonverbal communication. Each individual has a unique style to communicate with society that it’s made up of diversity. Emotions are powerful feelings that may change the emotional well-being of a person. Emotions range from the feeling of joy, happiness, fear, sadness, anger, hate. Feelings will define the happy life journey of one person or the destruction of another.

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The vulnerability of a client’s emotional state plays an important factor in the effectiveness of treatment.
As professionals we need to be prepared and research the population we will be servicing. It is essential that we are aware of the customs and beliefs of a client, this way they do not feel disrespected or discriminated in any way. During the interview process we need to be ethical and professional and be considerate of a client’s emotional state. We have to be aware how a client’s culture influences their environment and what causing the issues that are surrounding them.
In conclusion it is our duty as professionals to be able to develop strategies that will engage our client to feel confident and comfortable enough that they can confide in us. Our main goal as professionals is to assist a client in distress to find solutions to their life crisis. We need to understand that emotions will always be in the way of a client recovery that is why it is important that we learn to communicate effectively and respect our client’s emotions. We need to be able to design an individual plan that will allow a client to see positive results in their therapy session. Clients need to understand that when they act based on their emotions each action will have a negative or positive consequence that will have an impact in their life journey.

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