Beauty vs. Brain

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[Beauty vs Brain!]
* In today's world, the packing is more important that the content. The cover of the book is more important the book itself. The cast of the movie attracts the audiences to theatres than the storyline.

Just like that, when you meet a human being, the very first thing that you notice is the way he looks. It's very natural, nothing wrong about that. More often than not, a person's talent is ignored just because he/she happens to look .. well, plain. Be it in the professional or the personal life, a man / woman needs to have a good personality to climb that ladder of success.

Or not? Why do you need to look beautiful to be successful? Except of course in the glam-world of movies/modelling. It is raw talent and your
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With all this said and done, the brains of the mind are superior to the beauty of the body.

* Brains. It's great to Be beautiful but beauty fades with age or stress. It can completely vanish with fire, disease and the list goes on and on. If you depend on beauty you have to depend on other people. If you depend on brains you can depend on yourself.
* Everybody has their own thoughts and opinions for that question. But I do think that brain is better then beauty because I think that having knowledge and knowin the way the world works is more important then looks.

* Because they last longer and they can be developed by training. As such, they represent more of an achievement than beautywhich is ,of course,only skin deep.Brains enable you to improve many different things e.g. point out that the word more is not necessary in this question. brains give you more in life the beauty, that obviously will not get you into colledge. you cannot become a doctor, surgon, marine biologist, or any of the great things in life with just beauty. Brains give you more to do with your life.

* in society we see more people get off on their looks which causes us to believe that you have to look good to be successful when the truth is that there are about a billion people on this planet, someone is bound to find you beautiful, but if you don't have the brains to back it up then you are as useful as a damp match in a dark cave.


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