What Are the Issues Affecting Walmart in Its External Environmental?

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Now that Wal-Mart has conquered the US, can it conquer the world? AsWal-Mart Worldshows, the corporation is certainly trying. For a number of years, Wal-Mart has been the largest company in the United States. Now, though, it is the largest company in the world. Its global labor practices and outsourcing strategies represent for many what contemporary economic globalization is all about. But Wal-Mart is not standing still, and is opening up stores everywhere. From Germany to Beijing to Mexico City to Tokyo, more than a billion shoppers can now hunt for bargains at a Wal-Mart superstore.Wal-Mart Worldis the first book to look at this incredibly important phenomenon in global perspective, with chapters that range from its growth
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More and more Americans move in a population shift to the South and West and away from the Northeast and Midwest. Americans are becoming less interested in fitness and exercise.
Decimation and degradation of America's natural environment is the greatest threat to business and society, except for terrorism. World population has passed the 6 billion mark, with the U.S. having just about 300 million people; this leaves billions of people outside the U.S. who may be markets for American products.
The sample inputs we had just presented typify the kind of information that an analysis of social factors can unravel for anyone who is in business, or who intends to go into it. This information helps pinpoint the segments or niches that need to be specifically served for competitive advantage.
4. Technological Factors
Technology is a business enabler that has revolutionary impact on the actual conduct of business. It contributes to achieving desired business productivity and efficiency. The Internet serves as a good example; what used to be impossibility in instantaneous global communication has become a cold reality and an urgent necessity for every business in order to succeed.
The Internet, including its e-commerce and social networking adjuncts, continues to change the nature of opportunities and threats in business. It


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