Should Managers or Business Owners Be Able to Exercise Their Managerial Prerogative Without Interference from the Other Actors in the Employment Relationship?

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Employment Relations
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Should managers or business owners be able to exercise their managerial prerogative without interference from the other actors in the employment relationship?

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In the modern time, managerial prerogative is an essential system for most society’s managers or business owners to run their business, managerial prerogative which is defined as the right of managers or business owners to make decision about all aspects of their business without interference from government, workers or union. Employees seek to resist managerial control over organization of work. In a circumstance, while in the specific function of management of remuneration, managers or business owners should be
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Trade union’s role was, therefore, perhaps more than ever, crucially dependent on the role that employers saw as appropriate for them. The union in turn accepted managerial objective, more readily in some cases than in others, but usually in exchange for a participative role in their implementation. Trade union’s objectives were for the main part modest: to retin as many jobs as possible, to maintain earning and where possible to influence the manner in which change was implemented.( Geary, 1993, p.57). Moreover, Geary (1993) also claimed that the union’s role was primarily reactive and dependent upon management perceptions of the change agenda. And also, there evidence shows that managers help favourable attitudes towards trade union and employee participation practices. (Mamman & Rees, 2005, p381-403)

To conclude, managerial prerogative is an essential system for managers and business owners, but an involvement of the state, employees and trade union would be lead managers and business owners running their business more effectively. Those actors are playing an important role for the managers and business owners running their business by using industrial relation approach (IR). There are many advantages of involvement of the state, employees, trade union and using industrial relation approach while in the case of remuneration. In the state aspect, the government are playing a strong role of in the industrial