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1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
2. Detailed SWOT analysis of KOYO-----------------------------------------------------------------4
3.1 External MACRO and MICRO ENVIRONMENT of Britain and USA----------------------6
3.2 Lifecycle Analysis of Britain and USA---------------------------------------------------------11
4. Motive for internationalization of KOYO-----------------------------------------------------12
5. National competitive advantage of Britain and USA---------------------------------------13
6. Entry modes in Britain and
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From the inlet side, in 2011 the British clothing imports amounted to 17 billion pounds, of which more than 75% of the products from outside the European Union countries. In the UK clothing sales market, only 4.8% of the products are for local enterprise production. And Britain's economy with private enterprise as the main body, and manufacturing only one 5, a few years to British textile garment industry slow down, and imports are increasing year by year.

Social factors:
The British in clothing quality requirement is high. Brand awareness is very strong, like brand textile and clothing. British people always pay attention to dress properly and beautiful. Due to the textile industry is labour-intensive industries, in order to reduce cost, UK since the 1950 s, the formation of the industry production to the cheap labour of third world countries transfer or change the line of production, the domestic many small and medium-sized businesses have closed down, make the domestic industry employment reduce. Britain is the birthplace of the creative industries in the world, with a strong design capability and a large number of the world’s top design talents, London are the centre of the design of the world.
Technological factors:
British wool quality is good, sales volume is larger, the