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Argentine textile industry: An export snapshot

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Writuparna Kakati | 01 Aug, 2008
What is Argentina? "Batter that has not become a cake", says Gabriela Nouzeilles and Graciela R. Montaldo in their co-authored book 'The Argentina Reader: History, Culture, Politics'. Argentina is the nation that used to be among the richest in the world, with the largest middle class in Latin America, yet that entered the twenty-first century seething with economic crisis
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According to the Argentine Apparel Industrial Chamber, annual production of clothing items is valued at US$2.27 billion. The sector boasts about 11,600 manufacturing and design companies and 30,100 retail stores. The economical apparel sector reaches annual sales of about US$ 5 billion per year, and this figure is expected to rise. However, only one third of these sales are legally recorded due to the prevalence of informal activity.

In terms of supplying the domestic market, there is a mix of methods applicable to the industry. Lower production costs have led companies from Brazil to install plants in Argentina. Most local firms carry out their manufacturing activity (raw materials and labor) in Argentina; other companies import fabrics, and/or send their designs overseas for manufacturing and receive the finished product (a method employed widely during the last decade) and a few licensees of foreign brands manufacture locally under an international label. Sub-sectors highly dependent on imports, such as sports footwear and high-tech apparel.

Argentina's textile import
The overall Argentina market for textiles and clothing import was valued at over US$ 911.55 million during 2005. MMF (Man Made Fibre) Textiles & Cotton covered under chapter 55, 54 & 52 constitutes majority of imports followed by Apparels (60, 62) and Made-ups (63) during 2005. From merely US$


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