Illegal Immigration

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What Are The Negatives of Illegal Immigration in The U.S.?
1.) What I already know (and don’t know) about my topic
I know that illegal immigration is a big topic that is always talked about in the United States. I know that some people believe it is a big problem, but others don’t think it is a problem at all. I know that illegal aliens come to our county for many different reasons. Some of them include work, to get a better life, or to escape a dangerous homeland. These immigrants have to come to this country illegally because the process to come legally is long and they may never be granted citizenship. I know that them coming to our country is hurting our economy. They come here and get jobs that could be going to unemployed U.S.
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Also with the illegals coming drug smugglers are also crossing our border to get there drugs sold. These drug runners can be very dangerous and willing to do anything to not get caught. They are willing to do anything because the cartels that are having them bring the drugs could be threatening them or their families to do so. A story of this posted by ABC News said that a border patrol agent was shot in the back and killed during an altercation with drug smugglers. In the article ABC News stated 40 year old Brian Terry was shot in the back and killed while pursuing drug smugglers. He was with a team of three other men when they approached the men and they opened fire. Terry was able to shoot one of the men but then was shot from behind. He was life-flighted to the hospital but had passed away in route. The other border agents were able to apprehend four of the suspects but one of them happened to escape (Hossford, Matt). This just goes to show you that some of these people crossing our border illegally can be very dangerous. It is dangerous for the immigrants because of the terrain that they have to cross and also because of the cartels. Many of the immigrants that cross the border do so with the help of the cartels. They charge the immigrants a big fee to get them here and if immigrants don’t pay them in full they will hold them hostage until they get their money


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