Module 1 Assignment – Boeing Case

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Module 1 Assignment – Boeing Case
(1) Summary of the Case
Company Intro
Boeing Company is biggest aviation and aerospace company in the world. Its predecessor was Pacific aviation products company which set in 1916 by William
Boeing, and he set Boeing Plane Company at 1934, then changed to Boeing
Company at 1961. Its headquarters located in Seattle before September 2001, then moved to Chicago, Illinois. The aircraft plant concentrated in Washington state and
Kansas. In 1996, Boeing bought Rockwell company’s defence and space systems;
1997, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merger; In January 2000, Boeing has struck a deal with GM, paid $3.75 billion to buy the subordinate Hughes electronics space and communication department,
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The Airbus even used the price strategy. But Airbus didn’t integrate these new service and system to a integrated operating environment, So e-Enabled operating environment’s integrity and

convenience make a big difference between Boeing and Airbus.

(4) What do you see as the short-term competitive advantages of e-Enable?
Firstly, Boeing is the first to put forward the concept of air network, so that will give a preconceived impression to the customer: Boeing Company is effort to improve their quality, and brings new service concept;
Secondly, the e-Enabled environment by Boeing is not several independent services system; it integrated the passenger entertainment services, aircraft maintenance, access to information, communication and a series of services into a operating environment. This is a system with high efficiency and convenience, and it is also the reason why Airbus develops the similar system but fail;
At last, with the development of Airbus in the market, more and more customers can't distinguish the difference between Boeing and Airbus. If the two companies' products have no difference, so the customer may turn to the more favorable price at any time. In order to maintain their market position, Boeing must develop a product or service which can let customers clearly distinctive between Boeing and airbus aircraft. In fact, e-Enabled environment achieve this aim.

(5) Do you think there will be long-term competitive


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