Pro-Illegal Immigration Paper

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Vanessa Labrada
FYS 138
Professor Lodge
The Melting Pot The debate of illegal immigration in the United States is one that is plagued with many details, and one that sparks a huge amount of controversy among politicians and citizens alike. While it is an issue that many argue about, few people are actually knowledgeable about the subject and have facts to back up their opinions. According the Center for Immigration Studies, the “unauthorized resident immigrant population is defined by all foreign-born non-citizens who are not legal residents” (CIS). This definition incudes people who emigrate from countries all over the world; it is not exclusive to those who come from Mexico and surrounding Central and Southern American
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The taxes they pay help fund the economy, and kicking them all out would definitely affect the economy.
America was built on immigrants who wanted a better way of life, in terms of politics, economics, and religion. To deny these people a chance at improvement would seem to go against our founding ideas. Of course, it is impossible to offer every single immigrant American citizenship, but it seems fair to reward the workers that only want to make a decent income. Anya Martin and Michelle Carello’s play El Camino is love story based on the true story of two Pittsburghers and their plight as immigrants in America. The issues of immigration are not black- and-white; there are many gray, in-between areas filled with facts and fictions. Immigration brings many benefits to America, by enriching our culture with diversity and stimulating the economy.

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