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Procter & Gamble (P&G), the large US consumer products company, has a well-earned reputation as one of the world's best marketers. One of P&G well-known product is Joy Liquid Dishwasher. Joy was re-introduced in Malaysia in September 2013. As the price is slightly higher than the competitors, the demand for Joy Liquid Dishwasher is defeated with the competitors brand such as Axion and Glo. Therefore, this report was commissioned to examine the situation. The research draws attention to:
I. High price
Compare with other dishwashing liquid brand, Joy is quite expensive dishwashing liquid.
II. Functionality
The customer behaviour in using liquid dishwashing, where they press an excessive amount of the liquid.
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Their product like Axion, Glo and Sunlight are already established in the market since 10 years ago and always update with product innovation. By introducing Joy in the market will make more choices of customer perspective. Strength of Joy is a brand awareness that P&G have. Customer already known that P&G is one of the best product innovation of customer goods. So this will make customer belief that Joy is one of the good product that manufacturer by P&G. P&G especially Joy confident that Joy will gain a customer belief even though the price set quite expensive.

3.5 CUSTOMER ANALYSIS In terms of customer analysis, this section describes (1) the characteristic of customers expected to buy Joy dishwashing liquid and (2) benefit concern of Malaysian today.

Customer Characteristics.
Demographically, dishwasher products in general are purchased by consumer representing a broad range of socioeconomic background. However, Joy dishwashing liquid is purchased chiefly by consumers who live in urban place and have higher household income. Refer


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