INformation Technology

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Ch 19
1. What changes does FTP make to an ASCII file when you download it in ASCII mode to a windows machine from a Linux server? What changes are made when you download the file to a Mac?
Unix, Linux, etc uses only a line feed at the end of each line. So transferring to a Window will add a carriage return to each line.

New Mac's are Linux-based, transferring from a Linux to a Mac shouldn't change anything.
2. What happens if you transfer an executable program file in ASCII mode?

The file will be corrupted: Any bytes that match a NEWLINE will be altered, resulting in a program that will not execute properly.

3. When would FTP be a better choice than SFTP?
When downloading public files

4. How would you prevent a local
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Only root can use privileged ports, so you must start Apache as root. Starting
Apache as root is not a security risk because Apache releases root privileges as soon as it has started using the port.

5. If you running an Apache on a firewall system, perhaps to display a web front-end for firewall configuration, how would you make sure that it is accessible from inside the local network?
I believe you can set the interface that apache listens on in httpd.conf file. For example:
# Change this to Listen on specific IP addresses as shown below to
# prevent Apache from glomming onto all bound IP addresses (

6. Why is it more efficient to run scripts using mod_php or mod_perl than through CGI?
Running a CGI script requires a system call to fork() and exec() to create a new process. Once the process has finished (which, in the case of CGI scripts, is usually very shortly after it has started), it terminates. A script run from a module does not have this overhead because it runs inside the
Apache server process.

7. What two things does SSL provide and how does this situation differ if the certificate is self signed?
Authentication and integrity

8. Some Web sites generate content by retrieving data from a database and inserting it into a template using PHP or CGI each time the site is accessed.
Why is this often a poor practice?
In many cases, the same data is generated each time a given page is


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